Holiday Spice in Not-So-Fall Florida

We decided to do some Halloween decorating last weekend!  Just got inspired to put out many of our things.

The first day of Fall was last Thursday and I think that we NEEDED to surround ourselves with décor of our favorite holiday to help us feel like it is fall, without the temps and leaf changes that we are used to accompanying this time of year. Continue reading

Kick Start Your Weekend

I have not shared a workout with you in what seems like ages!

I was inspired yesterday to create a workout using steps for today’s Body Sculpt class.

I used 2 risers and recommend no more than 2; however, you know yourself, so do what you feel is best for your fitness level.

Also, use whatever size dumbbells are right for each exercise (split squats, curls) or don’t use any at all for some (Russian twists, calf raises, for example).  Continue reading