Shred Successes, Slips & “Side Effects”

make-big-changes-in-small-stepsI am gearing up for my next 10-day Shred, which begins July 25th.  I am rather looking forward to it.  After my first one, I know I can do it … and better!

I had to pull back on my exercise to protect my shoulder from further and greater injury.  I had a couple slips in my eating and drinking.

I am human.  I am not going to beat myself up for what I didn’t do.

Rather, I am cheering myself for what I did do!  What I learned!  Continue reading

Hello 90! Goodbye 39.


July has been a full month.  Full of friends, re-awakenings, new experiences, family illness, friend’s death and family gatherings.  I have done a lot of thinking, assessing, re-assessing and reading.  Not enough writing.

I have been reminded how vitally important it is to LIVE, to MOVE, to LOVE, to BE! Continue reading