Rest & Recharge

We spent all Sunday indoors!  Never even unlocked the door to feel the weather!

That’s right!  We weren’t lazy, but a bit leisurely.

The bed was stripped and fresh sheets put on.

A delicious restaurant-worthy breakfast of scrambled eggs with fresh garlic, broccoli & mini peppers; oven-cooked bacon; gluten-free pumpkin muffins with my homemade cranberry~cherry ~walnut marmalade and orange juice.

We both colored our hair.  Mine was a lengthy two-step process of bleaching then toning (which I only do twice a year….pushing it off until I tell myself JUST DO IT AND GET IT OVER WITH!).

We finally watched the movie “The Shape of Water”!  Highly recommend!

We each did a little “work” online, but spent most of the day unplugged.

I baked up a tasty treat for our movie time: bacon wrapped almond-stuffed dates!

We prepped some food to begin our work weeks.

We spent time with our girls, who miss us during the week.

I brainstormed for my new training clients and how to up my game for my Friday morning HIIT class!  (Hint!  Hint!!  Things are going to get alot sweatier!)

Dishes were always done (tho the delicates that were hung Saturday spent another day “on the line”…well, mine did, at least!).

I spent about 90 minutes studying.

I watched the very last quarter of the New Orleans-Carolina wild card game to see my Saints win!  Geaux Saints!!

So…this morning, Monday, I am refreshed.  I am ready for this week.  I am renewed & invigorated!

I always stress self-care and rest is one part of the process.

When was the last time that you stepped away and gave yourself a rest day?

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