What Are You Manifesting?

I no longer make resolutions for new years.

I usually come up with things several times a year on which to set my intention & focus.

This new year, we were having a supermoon, the most bestest time to seek guidance, support & strength for intentions, desires, goals.

My 2018 Manifestations

*Easily and swiftly become certified in personal training

*Have 10 regular, consistent clients (2-3 times each week/client)

*Run multiple, simultaneous and consecutive, small group sessions

*Buy a “new” car ~ something fun this time!!!

*Grow my Juice Plus business alongside my training business

*Travel: New Orleans for Chris’s birthday; St. Augustine/Savannah for mine; Tennessee in the fall; cabin in the Georgia mountains for Christmas

Share in the comments what you have manifested for 2018!

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