Still the Mind

Life can be full of stress and while completely eliminating it might be impossible, minimizing it is not.

Still your mind with some “me” time.

Just as important as exercise, restful sleep, healthy food and staying hydrated with H2O, taking several minutes (or longer, if you can) to be still, quiet & mindful is an easy way to de-stress!

You can create a space in your home: a quiet corner sanctuary, filled with pillows, candles, books, statues, incense, a salt rock lamp.

Or outdoors: on a towel at the beach, on a blanket in your yard, on a bench in the woods.

The location should be convenient, a place where you can quickly and easily “escape” for minutes each day, and where you can sit comfortably.

To build consistency, the time each day should be the same.  Maybe right after you wake.  Or after you send everyone out in the mornings.  Your lunch break.  Or at the end of your workday, decompressing.  Perhaps just before you head to bed, as a way to induce sleepiness.

This is a time to still your mind, NOT to toss around ideas or go over your to-do list.

You can use this time to practice gratitude: thinking of the people and things in your life for which you are thankful.

{As a side note to this, you can create a Gratitude Jar: keep slips of paper, a pen and a container handy.  Write down a couple each day & place in your “jar”.  The attention you pay to your daily “blessings” helps to keep you in a positive & grateful mindset and brings more abundance to your life.  Then after 90 days, 6 months, a year, pull them out and read them.}

You can check-in with your Chakra points,

have a meditative word or phrase,

practice deep restorative breathing techniques,

read some fiction.

This is time to take your mind away from your daily stresses and just be.

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