Power Pairs

When you read that title, you may have thought that I was going to write about me + Chris!  Well, while it is true we are a power pair, of sorts, I am actually going to share some information on foods that, when paired together, do double duty in health benefits!

Eggs & Tomatoes

The fat found in egg yolks enhances the nutrients in UNCOOKED tomatoes, which may reduce cancer risk, cognitive decline and prevent heart disease.

Salmon & Broccoli

The vitamin D in salmon combines with the calcium from the broccoli to contribute to heart and bone health and weight maintenance.

Black Pepper & Turmeric

Black pepper’s main compound, piperine, boosts your body’s intake of turmeric’s curcumin, which helps ease pain, lower cholesterol and improve liver function.

Chickpeas & Cooked Spinach

Chickpeas are one of the best sources of vitamin B6, which works with magnesium from the spinach to boost bone, muscle and nerve health.

Leeks & Whole-Wheat Pasta

The sulfur in leeks helps you make the most of whole-wheat pasta’s iron and zinc, which strengthen the immune system.

Red Bell Pepper & Black Beans

Vitamin C-rich bell peppers help you take in up to six times the iron from black beans, which boosts energy and keeps you strong.

*All of this info was found in the February 2017 edition of Woman’s Day magazine, where you can find recipes for each power pair.

To your health!!!

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