Gypsy Souls

I am writing from our beach condo!

We live across from the Gulf, in a complex with 2 pools & plenty of palm trees (which I can watch sway from our office window as I type).

We REALLY live the mermaid life now!

The salty air is palpable.  The sunsets practically out our door.

We have walked the beach early on Sunday morning and several evenings, just before the sun makes its way to the other hemisphere.  And taken our bikes for a spin.

We stocked up on flip flops, kept in a basket just inside the front door for quick access!

We wear bathing suits daily.

With this new abode comes the task of me looking for new work.  Something I guess I am getting very good at!

I have an audition interview this Friday for a group fitness instructor gig at a public fitness center affiliated with a big hospital organization in this area.  There is a gym a block south, which we popped into our first weekend and where I will try to catch up with their group fitness person to see if they can add me to their current schedule of classes.  I also sent a resume to a functional medicine practice looking for a front desk person.  THAT would be cool!

We are making great progress on setting up our living spaces.  We are interested in a couch at IKEA and need to head back there to purchase some more shelf brackets to help complete the Mojica Banana Cabana transformation.

We are on the lookout for tables & chairs for both indoors and out.  We have a “walkway patio” with enough room for two complete seating areas.  We have been enjoying some meals out front on our patio chairs, ottomans and small table purchased when we lived in Longmont, Colorado.

The move was stressful for many reasons, to include leaving behind some fantastic neighbors & my friends from the gym.  But we are only about an hour away and have all promised to make plans to keep in touch.

Chris’s commute is much shorter and that was our biggest motivator for this move.  It’s so nice to have longer evenings to share together, especially when that means we can just cross the street to walk the sand, listen to the surf and feel the sea spray.

For us, it is important to experience living and that, recently, has meant frequent moves.

All in all, we are embracing the change.

Dream.  Explore.  Discover.

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