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Have you been looking for a trainer who is dedicated to your overall health & wellness?

A trainer who will be a coach, a cheerleader, a resource and a friend?

Well, you’re in luck!!!

Look no further …


I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor with a specialty in Longevity Wellness.  I have been teaching & leading one-on-one, semi-private and group fitness for almost three years, beginning in Colorado and now in Florida.  I am also certified in TRX (suspension training) and spent four years as a member of an elite boxing gym.  I instruct TRX, boxing/kickboxing, treadmill and all manner of group fitness classes (be it strength, cardio, body area-specific and bootcamp).

For those of you who want my expertise and personal attention, but cannot join me in person, I am now offering online (virtual) coaching!  I have options to suit all needs!!

At insane introductory rates!

Check it out!!

1:1 Personal Coaching

12 personalized workouts each month

Skype & email communication

Goal setting



“Live Amplified”

Group Coaching

 6-8 workouts each month

 Facebook page

Goal setting



“Inspired Living with Jennifer Mojica”

Workout & Nutrition tips

Motivation and Encouragement

 Facebook page


Longevity Wellness

Nutrition & Lifestyle


(add to any coaching option)

Connect with me via my Facebook page Inspired Living with Jennifer Mojica, so we can set up a date/time to chat and find the best plan for you!

I am honored and look forward to being a part of your wellness journey!

*For those who become an active member of my Juice Plus+ team (aka a virtual franchisee), I will give you TWO MONTHS OF 1:1 PERSONAL COACHING for FREE!!!  Followed by $20 off monthly Personal Coaching or free Group Training!!!

**For my Juice Plus+ customers, I will include you in my Group Training for FREE!!!

We offer Complete nutrition shakes (Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla, in large & single-serve packets) plus Complete nutrition bars (Dark Chocolate + Fig and Tart Cherry + Honey).   And get your daily “dose” of fruits & veggies with our Orchard, Garden & Vineyard capsules and chewables!!!  {For any Duo or Trio adult order of capsules or chewables, you can get a Duo for a child, age 4-18, for FREE for 4 years!!!  Let’s keep your whole family healthy!!}

Check out my site and get with me about placing orders!

Here are some kind words from previous gym members, with whom I have had the pleasure to train!

“I had the opportunity to train with Jen in Denver.  I can honestly say she was positively motivating!  She has that special gift of team building that makes you want to be a part of her success.  She makes it fun, educational and engaging.  She is positive and her lifestyle reflects what she teaches.  I recommend Jen Mojica as a trainer to anyone who is lucky enough to engage in her teaching.  You will not be disappointed learning from her, and most likely, you will make a friend for life!  Jen Mojica ROCKS!” (Carmella T., Denver, CO)

 “I have had the experience to train with Jennifer when it came to bootcamp along with personal training as well, and let me tell you, she is one of the best trainers I know. Not only does she push you to go further in your workout that you do with her, but she also cares about you and your health. She is very knowledgeable in what she does, and cares for your health. If you have any questions about health, wellness, or even nutrition, she is the one to go to and she is again very knowledgeable in this kind of field.  Not only is she my trainer, but she is considered to be a friend of mine and I couldn’t ask for a better friend to help me through my fitness journey!” (Jess R., New Port Richey, FL)

“Jennifer stands out as a trainer. Anyone can get a certification, and train, but Jennifer goes above and beyond. I truly believe she genuinely cares about her clients goals, overall health, and cares about them as people! She also knows how to keep things interesting and fun! Never a dull session with Jen!”  (Maria S., New Port Richey, FL)

“I have always loved working out, but have always done better when taking classes or working directly with a trainer.  I was lucky to have the opportunity to train in classes, one on one and small group with Jennifer.  The best part for me was that Jen didn’t only train my physical body.  She dedicated time to building myself up mentally as well.  In our sessions she taught me how to focus on form, breathe properly and remain motivated.  Jen has helped me embrace healthy – clean eating and in turn I’ve been able to not worry about the number on the scale but instead focus on feeling healthy and strong.   After my time training with Jennifer, I can say with confidence that I am a stronger, healthier, and happier version of myself.  If given the opportunity to train with her….do not pass it up!” (Karen S., New Port Richey, FL)

“Where should I begin with this wonderful person I have been honored to call my trainer? I honestly do not see her as a personal trainer but more of a motivator, someone who truly cares of your well being and pushes you to be a better you. In the time that I have been training with her she hasn’t let me give up on myself; pushing me out of my comfort zone and trying things I never thought I could possibly even do because of my weight/size. Jen sees passed your weight/size and gets into your heart. She’s a wonderful person inside and out and truly cares about you and your journey. Anyone would be grateful and honored to have her as a personal trainer or better yet a friend.” (Yesenia V. New Port Richey, FL)


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2 Responses to Online Coaching

  1. Tonya says:

    Holy moly Jen! What amazing deals and prices! And for those interested in trying juice plus they have the most amazing tasting protein bars and are very filling for after a great workout. At those prices with someone so awesome to be there for you and makes working out fun you should get on this now.

  2. jenmojica says:

    Thank you, Tonya! I am going to place my own order for Complete Protein bars this week!!! Let me know if you want some, too!

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