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I started coming down with a head cold late Wednesday.  A “gift” from Chris … who was gifted by a co-worker (ya know, someone who has paid sick leave and should have stayed home so as not to infect others!!!).

Well, I don’t have sick days and my job does not find me sitting at a desk.  I have to go to work to get paid and my job requires me to be up & active, motivating gym members!

I don’t like to ingest too many chemicals, so I have been using a bit of modern & ancient “medicine”.

Here is a pic of some of my potions:

Let’s see, I’ve got my Juice Plus+ capsules and chewables (which I take daily)

vitamin C

nose rinse

ibuprofen (just two a day)

Sambucol (black elderberry, a natural cold + flu remedy)

Lavender-scented Baby Vicks (which I put on my feet at nite, then cover with socks).

In addition to the above, I have been drinking orange juice (might have been a mimosa once!), having a medicinal “shot” (of my favorite whisky), staying hydrated, eating healthy (I haven’t had much of an appetite), exercising to sweat out the toxins and resting!

Thankfully, I have been able to sleep soundly and without the inability to breathe through my nose or the need to blow it.  I was able to rest at home all day yesterday before leading my Shred group, too.

I know that the combo of ancient (magic) and modern (medicine) remedies are helping me to move this crud along quickly!

I will stay the course throughout the weekend, as we have no plans.  We can both rest up & recover fully.  (We have Universal next Friday … the first day of the Harry Potter weekend!  So we need to be 100%!)

What are some of your tried & true methods to combat colds & flu??

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