8 Weeks to Go(al)

Today marked the beginning of an 8-week Shred small group training session I organized!  I have 3 people for Monday/Wednesday 8AM and 4 for Tuesday/Thursday 5PM.  They each meet for 45 minutes, for a total of 16 sessions.

Additionally, I created a private Facebook page for goal-setting, recipe sharing, question posing, encouragement, support and sharing of health & wellness topics, books, resources and more.

The workouts will be cardio-based and cover boxing, HIIT, treadmill intervals and cardio-style strength training circuits.

We are taking body stat measurements Day One, mid way and Day 16.  The measurements include weight, waist, hip, body fat percentage and BMI.  That said, I don’t really trust the tool our gym has to calculate the body fat and BMI.  It seemed high for me.  The scales aren’t calibrated accurately, either, so I have encouraged my Shredders to use their own at home scales, where they can be nekkid and having not yet had any food or drinks.

We will use the measurements with a grain of salt.  I expect to see some changes, especially in the body fat percentages and the waist & hip tape measurements (I used navel for waist and around the meatiest part of the booty for hips).   I have told them that perhaps they won’t see a lot of change on the scale simply because we are shedding fat and adding muscle.  The most important things are becoming healthier, more confident and seeing the body composition changes!

They are all awesome and totally on board!

It’s a bit of pressure, but I am up for the challenge!

That said, I have taken my own measurements to see how successful I am.  I will be doing all of the sessions, so I better see something!  Right?!

Alongside this Shred, Chris and I have decided to undertake an elimination diet.  Chris has been experiencing digestive issues and quite a bit of bloat around the middle.  Knowing that we can and should make some changes to see if we can turn things around, we have decided to eliminate eggs, dairy, soy, gluten and corn for the first 30 days.  Following that, we will add caffeine, alcohol and nuts for another 30 days.  Chris has a doctor appointment early February and will request some blood work, while letting the doctor know of the concerns and that we have started this process.

After the elimination, we will slowly add back any of the food items/groups we care to.  I will remain (mostly) dairy, soy & gluten-free.  We stopped drinking cow’s milk years ago, but we do love cheese and pizza (which also has gluten if we don’t select a different crust).  I started limiting my soy a little over a year ago because of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  I am becoming gluten-free for the same reason.

Caffeine is going to be hard!  Alcohol, while we don’t drink daily, is also tough.  We like a glass of wine, a medicinal shot of whisky, mimosas, good craft beers!  Eggs have become a staple protein, so we are going to be hyper-focused on turkey, chicken and plant protein sources (other than soy, of course).  And, nuts … yeah, we use almond milk and we like to have almonds as a plant protein, plus it is a primary ingredient in the gluten-free nutrition bars we get at Aldi.  We also eat walnuts and use them in salads, baked goods and oatmeal.

We know Chris has a slight peanut allergy, but it isn’t life threatening so after a short time of Chris getting other nut butters and trying to refrain from her favorite candy, Reese’s peanut butter cups, we eased up on the restrictive behavior.

What is your “diet”?  The manner in which you eat where you have found it to be a success and is a lifestyle, not a fad for quick, yet unsustainable results?

Keto?  Paleo?  Body for LIFE?  Elimination (of specific food groups)?  Atkins?  Weight Watchers?  Nutrisystem?

And why do you believe you have found success with this over any others you have tried?

So 8 weeks to go and 8 weeks to goal!

My body fat % was 25.9 (I think).  It seems high to me, maybe I am wrong.  One of my Shred goals is to get that number to 22!  My weight, according to possibly inaccurate scales, is 135.  In the 130’s is my body’s “happy” place.  So, staying there but getting more toned is an absolutely achievable goal.

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