Battle of the Holiday Bulge

I held the second of my outdoor bootcamps.  The first was on Thanksgiving morning and I called it “Wobble Before You Gobble”.  I had an awesome turnout; like-minded folks who wanted to get in a workout before indulging on the foodiest of holidays!

On Sunday, I had 12 “reindeer” for December’s “Battle of the Holiday Bulge”! 

It was a warm & humid Florida morning!  The kind that slaps you in the face the moment you walk into open air!

I created a workout VERY loosely based on the 12 Days of Christmas song, with burpees, tuck jumps, standing crunches, pushups, in/out squats, reverse lunges with a kick & punch, tricep dips, star jumps, ice skaters and more!

We were out in a field that is chock full of dry grass!

By the end of this cardio madness, dubbed “Trainer Jen’s 12 Days of FITmas”, we were super sweaty and many of us covered in grass (front and back)!

It was exhausting AND exhilarating!

We joked, laughed, whined … and probably thought a few choice things about me (even I was not liking myself by the time we were on day 8!!).  HA!!

I am so excited that some of the gym members want to come out and get dirty & sweaty, in the elements, to workout WITH me.  And they all enjoy themselves!  We are smiling at the beginning, middle and end!  And tho we might be “miserable” while in the moment, I am asked if/when I will be holding the next one!!!

We also had the pleasure of celebrating Melody’s 60th birthday!  She brought her hubby, whom we all met that day, to kickoff HER day with all of us!

Huffing & puffing, getting a bit red in the face (or maybe that was just me), sweat-drenching our hair & clothes, having a good ol’ 60 minutes of fitness fun ~ a type of fun that adds years to your life and life to your years!

For me, it was pure JOY!

For a post-workout treat and a small thank you, I gave out Juice Plus Dark Chocolate + Fig and Tart Cherry + Honey Complete nutrition bars.

Now, what kind of workout to ring in 2017?!

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2 Responses to Battle of the Holiday Bulge

  1. Sandra Rodrigiez says:

    I love it!!! Too bad I can’t be there to enjoy this with you. I’m so proud of you my friend.

  2. jenmojica says:

    I so wish you could have joined in on our sweatfest fun! For this morning’s bootcamp at the gym, I did a version that included weights (and I will use it for my Body Sculpt on Friday)! Tomorrow nite, I am going to come up with something based on reindeer games … with 9 stations for each of the reindeer, to include Rudolph! 🙂

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