What I Have Learned About Myself


It’s Day 4 of my 10 Day Shred.

There are a few things I have learned about myself in this short time.

~I will not give up my coffee, except for medical (say a colonoscopy) or dental (3 days of at-home whitening) reasons.  While the Shred calls for no caffeine and I could have purchased decaf, I am drinking what I have on hand (oh, illy, why did I find you at Marshalls?!), but I will be out before the Shred is over.  However, I am not making mid-day Dunkin Donut runs with my coupons and gift card, which had become a bit too regular the past few weeks.  So, there’s that!   🙂

~I can make eating fun again!  I am creating my own protein mixes for my smoothies, rather than grabbing a pre-made protein powder.

Powdered Peanut Butter (5g protein in 2 Tb)

Cacao Powder (5g protein in 2 Tb and it is a superfood with copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium)

Ground Flaxseed (3g protein in 2 Tb and chock full of Omega 3’s)

Collagen Powder (6g protein in 1 Tb, this is the most abundant protein in our bodies)

I usually tolerate 10 or 11 grams of protein in my shakes/smoothies and nutrition bars, so I can mix up these ingredients to get what I need.

The rest is made up of the following:

Frozen fruit, always a banana and sometimes cantaloupe or pineapple

Non-dairy milk, usually almond and water, about equal parts

Dash of cinnamon, always

Mixed greens, spinach or kale, if I have them on hand

I am making protein powered snacks, too.  I somewhat closely followed a recipe for Pumpkin Energy Bites, consisting of oats, peanut butter, honey, canned pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla protein powder.  When I make them in the future (say the Dyna-Bites, Double Chocolate Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip and Mocha), I believe I will use some of my other protein powder sources, in lieu of the pre-made stuff.  There is a recipe for “Protein Puppy Chow” ~ YOWZA!  That I have to make my own!

I am baking chickpeas again, keeping hardboiled eggs on the ready and stocking up on other whole-food proteins, like turkey breast.

I am more conscious about eating protein at every meal/snack, so that I don’t feel hungry too soon.  Thankfully, I don’t have “bad” foods in the pantry to grab on the quick!

When I do eat after 6P, I am grabbing veggies and fruits.  Washing and cutting them up during the day helps to productively spend my free time and ensures I have healthy food at my fingertips.

I am very good about drinking water, but I did notice I slacked off a little bit once we moved to humid Florida from dry Colorado.  I am keeping track of my consumption and aiming for 90 ounces, which is 3 fills of my water bottle.  And sliced up 2 limes to add some flavor!!

~I will switch up the fitness classes I attend to stave off monotony and to keep this 10-day process from becoming a chore.

~I am using this time to listen to my body even more.  When tired, I will rest.  When hurt/pained/sore, I will seek care from a massage therapist, ice, natural analgesics.

~And, while many of the “changes” aren’t that big of a change, per se, I am feeling more energetic.  I have been feeling “off”, which I can attribute mostly to my TSH levels; however, I know that even small changes I make for the better greatly impact my overall health and wellbeing.

~This is a time for me to truly focus on Jen.  To think more clearly.  To love more deeply.  To observe more frequently.  To honor my needs more genuinely.

I have 6 more days to Shred.  I did not take any body measurements as a “Before” because this wasn’t about losing weight or inches for me.  I wanted to clear away “the clutter” and practice discipline.  I will do another Shred (or an entire T30) with Before and After pics.

I hope some of you will join me on the journey.  I would love to have traveling companions!!


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2 Responses to What I Have Learned About Myself

  1. Sandr Rodriguez says:

    I wish I would have documented (journaling) my journey. I have been clean eating since April. Very, very strict clean eating. I am starting to loosen up a little now. Its amazing how our taste buds change, our skin looks better and our brain works better when we clean out bodies out.
    Thank you for the reminder amd the encouragement.

  2. jenmojica says:

    I wish I had taken my weight before the Shred. Just to see what I may have lost. I didn’t work out as often as I would have liked, nursing a shoulder muscle issue, and I “stumbled” a few times in my eating, but I did feel better. I am going to do some things differently my next go-around. I will do a blogpost about my entire first Shred shortly. I am very proud of you for what you have accomplished JUST SINCE APRIL!! The eating is the biggest obstacle and result-maker! 80% “diet” and 20% physical activity. While we cannot eat 100% clean for life, it is good to learn the principles, to apply them full-out periodically (to detox and clean ourselves out) and to incorporate them 80% of the time in our everyday living. Keep up your progress, my friend!

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