Can you see yourself adding or increasing the amount of fruits, veggies, exercise, water and rest in your daily life?

Can you do this for 10 days?

Just 10 days!

You will see an improvement in your energy, sleep, digestion, body composition & more.

If you are looking for fat & weight loss, this can be your jumpstart to a 30-, 90- or 120-day transformation.

If you want a regular “push” in your already healthy & active lifestyle, you can do this once a month, every other month, each quarter!!

Just 10 days!  Only involves one weekend!!!

What do we do for those 10 days, you ask?

Take our Juice Plus+ Trio

Drink two Complete Shakes

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: plenty of H2O

Exercise daily

Get adequate rest

Eat more plant proteins (less animal)

Enjoy healthy snacks & meals, to include plenty of salads

While also eliminating (or greatly reducing):

caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, dairy, gluten, added sugars.

10 Day Shred begins this Tuesday, July 5th, but our next one is just around the corner on July 25th.

Should you not be ready to fully jump all in, let’s begin by adding more fruits and veggies with the  Juice Plus+ Trio .  You can order your first 4-month supply and begin this One Simple Change right away.


As you make this One Simple Change, you will want to change your eating habits and, hopefully, some lifestyle choices.  Add in a daily walk or jog.  Visit your local gym and ask for a free pass (often times it is a full week!).  When you join, ask about a free evaluation, which usually involves meeting with a personal trainer, taking measurements and going through some exercises.  Try a group class ~ the dynamic energy will get you hooked!  Can’t make it to a gym?  A yoga mat, your own body weight and Pinterest!!  Slowly add to your home gym with some dumbbells, exercise DVDs, resistance bands, kettlebells.

When you are ready to commit to the 10 days, let’s order your Juice Plus+ Complete Protein Powders, available in both large packs and convenient single-serve, one flavor or both.  Maybe some Nutrition Bars, too!


Please visit my site to read up on all that Juice Plus+ offers in health benefits (clinical studies, medical journals, healthcare practitioner interviews), product ingredients and options, plus FREE Garden & Orchard chewables or capsules for your kids through the Children’s Health Study!  Juice Plus+ wants the whole family to incorporate healthy habits for a life-time and wants to help make it cost-efficient.

For less than $1.50 per day, Garden & Orchard Blend capsules or chewables get you 20 servings of fruits & veggies (plus some grains)!  For less than $2.50 per day, by adding Vineyard Blend (the Trio), you get 30 servings!!!


And for less than $3.oo per day, a family of 4 can each have 20 servings with the Garden & Orchard Blend, by taking advantage of the free Juice Plus+ with the Children’s Health Study.

There is no way I could 1) eat 20-30 servings of fruits and veggies in a day, let alone 2) get it for under $3!!!

That’s the beauty of the whole food nutrition in Juice Plus+ capsules and chewables!  {What are you waiting for?!  Click here to make this One Simple Change!}

We also have Tower Garden for those who want to grow their own produce but without all of the dirt, digging, tilling, etc.  Indoors or out, using only air and water, in a small space perfect for any size home (that includes apartment and condos!).


Juice Plus+ is safe for adults (to include pregnant and nursing women), children (to include adding to milk bottles) and pets (sprinkling capsules into water or over food)!!!

The Complete Protein Powders and Nutrition Bars can be eaten by adults and children, alike!

Help your family create magic milkshakes!  Make your favorite smoothies with the shake mixes, chock full of goodies, like: frozen fruit, spinach or kale, non-dairy milk or water, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, dash of cinnamon, peanut butter & more.    Far better than a run to your local ice cream shop!!  You are instilling healthy eating habits and making memories that last a lifetime!

Contact me with questions, to get your free product with the Children’s Health Study, to get included in our Facebook Shred Transformation page (where you find recipes, encouragement, Q &A).

Let’s Shred together!

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