Au Naturale

I believe I have shared some of my au natural, homemade, “old wives” tale beauty in a previous blogpost.  I am back at it, but this time I want to add laundry detergent, fabric softener and sunscreen/moisturizer.


Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) ~ I use this as a toner.  Just straight up!  I keep a small glass bottle in my medicine cabinet and pour it on a cotton square, then wipe my face after washing.

Witch hazel, tea tree oil and lemon juice ~ Another toner option.  The witch hazel is an astringent and is anti-bacterial.  The tea tree oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal.  The lemon juice is for lightening dark spots.

Witch hazel ~ I keep plain witch hazel in a small spray bottle for use before and/or after a workout.  We get very sweaty here in Florida and I find that my upper back breaks out easily, so I like to spritz it with the witch hazel throughout the day, also.

Aloe ~ I FINALLY have my own aloe plant!  Thank you, Mom, for a start of my own!  I will certainly go to my aloe for cuts and scrapes!

Coconut oil sunscreen ~ I am going to make my own facial moisturizer with sunscreen.  Coconut oil, non-synthetic zinc oxide powder and another carrier oil, like carrot oil or raspberry seed.  I will use this all over my body, but it will not be my beach sunscreen.  Keep you posted once I get the ingredients.

Fabric softener ~ I went to the interwebs for a homemade liquid fabric softener.  Then, I went to my Facebook family.  I have decided to simply use distilled vinegar (in my Downy ball).  How awesome is that?!

Detergent ~ Another Facebook friend gave me a link to a homemade powder laundry detergent.  All of 3 ingredients:  laundry soap (or any bar soap, really), Borax and Arm & Hammer washing soda.  I still have liquid detergent, so I won’t be making this very soon.  I would like to get good at combining the ingredients and then share with my family!

Dry shampoo ~ If you don’t want (or like) to wash your hair daily, and are a blonde, you can use tapioca powder or corn starch.  Have darker hair?  Add unsweetened cocoa powder to the corn starch.  Auburn?  Add cinnamon!!  Store in a clean spice container, sprinkle on your scalp, rub in, let sit, then comb or brush.  Here is one recipe I found.

Facial steam ~ Bring water to a boil, add some essential oil.  Let it cool slightly.  Drape a towel over your head and the pot and steam away for several minutes.  (I like to set the kitchen timer for 3 minutes.)

Have any at-home health and beauty you can share?  I would love to learn!


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