At-Home Quickie

Get your minds out of the gutter! 


I’m talking about a workout!  I fully intended to head to my new gym to take a 9:30 Tabata class.  I was in my workout clothes.

I sat down to make a phone call to my mom’s auto insurance agent to get quotes.  Since she wasn’t readily available, I left a message, then hopped on the laptop to get an online quote.

By 9:20, I was finishing up our customized quote (so so many options to compare!!!) and knew there was no way I could make the class on time.

I grabbed my 10-lb dumbbells and yoga mat for an at-home quickie:

25 reps of each/3 sets


*Bicep Curls


*Tricep Extensions




20 reps/2 sets

*Inner & Outer Leg Lifts

Full 8-count/Pulsing 8-count for 3 sets

*Inner and Outer Leg Lifts

Finished with some yoga and stretches.


{Tonite, I will run for my needed cardio push!)


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