Core Power!

The last class I taught in Denver was my TRX Power Abs.  (Yes, I said MY because I took the Power Abs class from the yoga studio into the TRX room to ramp up the challenge!!)  Some classes were 100% TRX and others were a combo on and off the TRX, with and without weights.30-minute Power Abs CombosSo, begin with 3 minutes of warmup exercises (jacks, bicycles, squats, butt kickers, etc.) to get your blood pumping and to prime your body for what’s ahead!

Beginning with Combo #1: 30 seconds of Overhead Toe Touches using a medicine ball or dumbbell followed by 15 seconds of rest.  30 seconds of Russian Twists with MB or DB followed by 15 seconds of rest.  Then repeat.

Use this same 30/15 timing for the rest of the Combos.

And for that final burst of energy and push, finish with BURPEES!!

Even if you don’t have access to a TRX, you can still do this workout.  With a mat and your bodyweight:  Modify the chest presses to pushups and the roll outs with holding plank.  Switch out the pike for a full situp and the oblique tucks with bicycles!  If you have a stability ball, you can do the pikes & tucks, pushups and roll outs!

Use what you have and always challenge yourself!

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