Under the Weather


For well-over a week now, I have been under the weather….feeling, at times, like I have been hit by a Mack truck! 

For many nights, I suffered no sleep, constantly rattled by a dry & painful cough.  I banished myself to the living room to “rest” in one of our chairs, in the hope that Chris could get sleep.  (Tho, in our apartment, with no insulation or sound-proofing and old windows, sounds travel exponentially!)  It was a tough work week!  I had to keep all of my hours, between both gigs, and I subbed two PowerSculpt classes.  All of the talking I have to do at both places did nothing to help me.  My throat has never been so sore and raw!  This on top of minimal sleep made for a fairly miserable existence.

I have resorted to over-the-counter meds of all sorts, medicinal alcohol of a few varieties, hot tea with honey & lemon, plenty of cough drops and some night-time cough syrup!  I feel I am on the downside, awaking a couple times a nite to cough, but being able to fall back asleep.  I have to remain hydrated & slightly medicated during the days, too, usually a cough drop will suffice.

I have more energy than I did last week.  Thankfully!  I enjoy working out along with my group fitness classes and was really not up for it last week.  It wasn’t until Thursday evening that I gave it a whirl!  Not being able to exercise gives me stress….which I definitely don’t need when I am trying to get well.  A double-edged sword, of sorts:  I need to get/give my body rest (which it wasn’t able to get at night), but I also want to exercise (which could create some heat to help push out those nasty toxins)!  This week, I have worked out with my Monday & Wednesday kickboxers (no one showed for Tuesday’s CardioBlast) and I will with this evening’s Booty and Abs and tomorrow’s Abs!!

I did get myself into the sauna at the gym last Thursday, too.  The wet air felt so good on my throat!  I am going to steam again tonite, after my classes.  The heat and the humidity will do wonders to finally push me over the edge toward feeling 100% once again.  I am sure of it!

I continue to take my Juice Plus+ capsules & chewables daily, too!

Let’s hope this is my one & only brush with illness for the season!

Wishing you an illness-free fall & winter, my friends!

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