A Health Update

Have you ever noticed when you get lab results from multiple testing organizations the thresholds for low and high vary dramatically?

So, remember this post where I mentioned my high levels of thyroid antibodies?

I also said I was going to obtain any results from my former doctors’ office.  One of my first thyroid antibody tests was done in September 2006, just after my diagnosis, but after I had been on the prescription thyroid hormone replacement.  So, on the copy of results, my TSH is well within normal (thanx to the supplementation) after my initial result of 22!!!  My antibodies, however, were a whopping 829!  The threshold for high was anything over 35.

My latest test came back  with an indicator of high….at 38!!!  Their threshold being anything over 9.

Averaging the two thresholds, 35 and 9, respectively, a high would be anything above 22.  So, yes, my 38 is still out of range, but so so so very close to normal!

Now, I strongly suspect (from all of the research I have done over the years) that my healthy lifestyle changes (attitude, exercise, diet, stress-reduction & more) are the reasons for my vast improvement!  I just know that when I once again have the test for my antibodies, I will be in the normal range!  I just know it!

I am extremely excited to continue my pursuit of “treating” my Hashimoto’s and ridding myself of the disorder!

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4 Responses to A Health Update

  1. Amy Stoehr says:

    Congratulations, warrior! Way to kick Hashimoto’s butt!

  2. jenmojica says:

    I am certainly on its tail!

  3. Sandra Rodriguez says:

    I am so happy to read this. A healthy life style really does pay off.

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