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I just had my annual labwork, with a mix of results.

I have been getting blood draws, at least, annually for a number of years.  My previous job in Indiana offered twice yearly labs!  In addition to my regular thyroid draw (TSH, sometimes T3, T4 and antibodies), I would get the “usual” CBC, metabolic panel and lipids.

Beginning last year, I requested other hormones be added to the lab requests (estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, DHEA), as well as vitamin D.  My goal was to establish a baseline and to see if there were any deficiencies.  I found my DHEA to be low (164), while most others seemed to be in the “normal” range (tho, possibly, not optimal).

Most of the same labs were taken earlier this month.  My DHEA came up a bit (261), but still not optimal (550-980).  My thyroid antibodies were high (38…should be less than 9).  I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder, which is why my antibodies are out of range; however, I would like to bring them down.  My TSH, while normal, rose (perhaps connected to the increase in my antibodies?).

I have been thinking of supplementing DHEA (it is the “mother” of all hormones).  I have read I can do this naturally (exercise, meditation, living joyfully…all of which I do, and might be responsible for the increase from this year to last) and I can take DHEA, MSM, wild yam or magnesium.  If I move forward, I believe I will begin with wild yam, as it is also ideal for perimenopause and menopause, particularly staving off hot flashes.

I don’t have any of my previous antibody results, so I am going to contact the endocrinologist I saw in Indiana to request my old records.  I am very curious to compare the 2015 levels with those from my initial diagnosis (and any other in the intervening years).  I have read about going gluten-free to “cure” my Hashimoto’s.  I have been choosing gluten-free options, but I am not 100% free.  I don’t know that I can change my diet so drastically, eliminating so many things (gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy…).  I like not having to be restricted when we go out.  I enjoy food.  I enjoy coffee.  I enjoy the occasional adult beverage.  I have committed to decreasing many of the “triggers,” but I can’t say I will eliminate them completely.

I am remaining hopeful that my Juice Plus+ capsules and chewables will bring amazing results when I get next year’s labs (I will have been using Juice Plus+ for a year next May.)  There have been documented successes of people taking Juice Plus+ and going into remission for other autoimmune disorders (lupus, MS).  I want to be one of those success stories!  I want to rid myself of the levothyroxine I have to take because I have to supplement thyroid hormone after my own body attacks what I synthesize.  I want to share my story with others and inspire them to make their health Priority #1!!

I implore you to take your health into your hands!  Be your best health advocate!  Insist on annual blood work!  Review the results, make the comparisons, look for ways to make improvements!

Don’t wait for illness or disease to come knocking on your door!

Get your wellness labs & be proactive!

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  1. Sandra Rodriguez says:

    Thank you so much for the advice. I’m sharing this post with Khalila.

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