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billy-packingI strongly & highly recommend walking to the grocery store.  We live within a handful of blocks of our main grocery store and I try to walk as often as possible.  This morning, on my return, I felt somewhat like the little guy above, but it’s so worth it!

I grab a reusable bag or two (depends on how much I am planning to pick up each trip) out of the trunk of my car and head southeast to Sprouts.  Today’s haul included: 2 packages of boneless, skinless turkey thighs; 3 avocadoes; a package of grape/cherry tomatoes; a bag of mini bell peppers; a bunch of bananas; 2 things of tempeh; a container of plain Greek yogurt (with fat!); some bulk quinoa; and a container of flaxmilk.  I balanced everything between two bags, but you can see why I felt a little weighed down.

Taking this stroll to my grocer’s provides physical activity, fresh air and time to think.  I don’t listen to music on these walks.  I pay full attention to my surroundings, gathering information from both sight and sound, saying hi to my fellow travelers on foot.  I craft blogposts!  I think of family & friends to whom I want to send energy, good vibes, healing thoughts, well wishes.  I enjoy both the sunshine and the shade.

I create “me” time.  Time when I get to enjoy nature, be with my thoughts, meditate on life ~~ for me, this is spiritual.  Spiritual and necessary.

In case a walk to pick up your groceries isn’t in the cards, here are some other suggestions for carving out “me” time:

Tea and chipped nails.

Tea or coffee




Create your “me” time in any small way throughout your day (or, at least, several times throughout your week).


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2 Responses to Create “Me” Time

  1. Sandra Rodriguez says:

    Amen. Not always easy to find that’s why we have to “carve” it.
    I would rather see a picture of you hauling your groceries instead of billy goat – but thanks for the visual. LOL

  2. jenmojica says:

    This post was before my new phone…a smartphone! I will eventually be able to take selfies! 😉

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