Your Body Is a Temple

An illustration of a woman doing yoga in the sunlight

An illustration of a woman doing yoga in the sunlight

Our bodies are our temples.  From what we eat and how we move to the ways we treat the skin we are in!

Each meal should consist of healthy protein, carbs & fat.  Healthy proteins would be: chicken, fish, lean meats.  And also: plain Greek yogurt (with some fat), nutritional yeast, nuts, tofu & tempeh, legumes, eggs.  Check out this article for some more plant-based protein options, to include a variety of seeds.  I usually keep protein powder on hand to simply mix in my water bottle (which is ALWAYS with me), to have as a snack to keep me in between meals and for after I teach my fitness classes, when I know I won’t get to a meal within 30 minutes.

Food combos to hit your protein, carbs & fat!

Food combos to hit your protein, carbs & fat!

Healthy carbohydrates are vegetables, fruits and unprocessed (or minimally processed) whole grains.  All known as complex carbs.  This short article from the School of Public Health at Harvard University suggests ways in which you can incorporate quality carbs into your day (breakfast of rolled oats, either hot or cold), as well as suggesting options like quinoa, beans and brown rice over breads.  Your body takes longer to process complex carbs than simple carbs (all of the processed foods to include white rice, white flour, most cereals and pasta), and in this way you don’t get the spike in blood sugar.


Good fats are those high in Omega 3’s.  Fatty fish, like salmon, plus nuts & eggs offer you both quality protein & healthy fats!  Avocados are a powerhouse of good fats!  When selecting your oils, choose olive & coconut over others.


For on-the-go or pre & post-workout, don’t forget protein powder shakes and nutritional bars.  I can even help you with these as Juice Plus+ offers both (powders & bars), complete with the right balance of protein, carbs & fat.

Our bodies are more than 70% water!!


We need to rehydrate frequently to maintain this delicate and important balance.  This keeps our skin supple, our organs functioning, our blood circulating.  We need water for digestion, elimination, lubrication.  Drink half your body weight, in ounces, of water each and every day.  If you don’t like the taste of plain water, add in fruit or veggies:  frozen strawberries like ice cubes; slices of cucumber like your favorite spa; lime, lemon or orange wedges for a Vitamin C booster.

In addition to the fat-burning and muscle-building of cardio & strength-training based exercise, movement should also be built into everyday:  a walk as the sun is rising, after a meal (to aid digestion) or in lieu of the car, bike riding, yoga or Pilates.  What I have found very important for my own body is stretching!  Especially the kneeling lunge and warrior for my psoas muscles.  I am hoping that by increasing my flexibility and aligning my body through stretching and yoga I can get back to running after an injury I suffered at the beginning of February.  Just a few simple yoga moves each morning and throughout my day sure helps me feel less tight, less sore, more mobile!  Here is a short article with five simple yoga moves that you can do each morning.   And here is a cute graphic with plenty of poses to work into your personal practice:


{Tho, I am not too sure about the no-hands headstand!  I’m going to just leave that one to the real yogis.}

Puja, in Buddhism, is an expression of honor, worship and devotional attention, usually directed toward deities.  Don Miguel Ruiz , in his book “The Four Agreements”, says we need to perform puja to our bodies:  “Respect your body, enjoy your body, love your body, feed, clean and heal your body.”

Our bodies need moisturization, from the inside out.  In addition to your daily H2O intake, be sure to use oils, moisturizers, lotions after showering.  Luxuriate in a bath with Epsom salts and essential oils.  Light candles, burn incense, make your bathroom a shrine!  Love your body as it is today!  Honor it for all it has done for you and all it will continue to do for you!!  Wear sunblock.  Spritz on your favorite perfume.  Dance!  Always dance!  To the music around you, to the music in your head, to the music in your soul!  (Let me recommend a book at this juncture:  Kris Radish’s “Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn”.)

Our bodies are with us from beginning to end, cradle to the grave.  Fuel, move, honor them!

Recognize your beauty.  Radiate it to the world.


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